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These are some of the tasty product offerings in the Mable’s Pantry line. By using as many fresh and local ingredients as possible, some of the products will be only seasonally available and can be found on our Seasonal Products tab.
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Pinot Grigio & Rosemary Jelly
Pinot Gregio and Rosemary Jelly-001(1)

A flavorful, elegant white wine jelly infused with aromatic fresh rosemary.

Ingredients: sugar, Pinot Gregio wine (contains sulphites), white wine vinegar, water, pectin, fresh rosemary.

Available in 55ml and  110ml jars.

Wine jellies are fantastic with charcuterie, cheeses and other meats

Cabernet Sauvignon Thyme JellyCabernet Sauvignon & Thyme Jelly

A rich, robust red wine enriched with the earthy flavor of fresh thyme.

Ingredients: sugar, Cabernet Sauvignon wine (contains sulphites), red wine vinegar, pectin, fresh thyme.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars

Jalapeno Jelly- as of 2021- special order only
           Jalapeno Jelly-001

The classic pepper jelly, always a great addition to any cheese tray but can adorn sandwiches and burgers as well as adding a kick of flavor to stews.

Ingredients: sugar, cider vinegar, jalapeno peppers, pectin.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars.

Habanero Apricot Jelly

Hot Habanero Apricot Jelly-001

A hot but superior jelly to put on cheese and crackers, glaze a chicken or put on burgers. It’s a brilliant combination of hot and sweet with lovely notes of apricot and red onion.

Ingredients: sugar, vinegar, dried apricots (contain sulphites), red peppers, habanero peppers, red onion, pectin.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars.

Balsamic Strawberry Onion Jam-001 (1)Balsamic Strawberry Onion Jam- D/C 2021

This show stopper is a party for your taste buds. Fantastic with cheeses, you can also drape this over a pork loin roast just prior to serving. Heavenly with scrambled eggs, makes any kind of burger gourmet or you can thin it out to make a mighty fine vinaigrette for your summer salad…..

Ingredients: Sweet onions, sugar, strawberries, aged balsamic vinegar (contains sulphites), pectin, fresh garlic,fresh rosemary, spices.

Available in 190ml jars.

Spiced Cranberry Port Jelly

A magical combination of cranberries, warm spices and Port wine. Christmas in a jar. Really, do we need to say anything more?! One taste and you are down the rabbit hole. Scoop this over anything and elevate what you eat to incredible.

Ingredients: Pure cold pressed cranberry juice, sugar, Port (contains sulphites), red wine vinegar, pectin, spices.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars.

Red Pepper Chili Jelly

Red pepper with a hint of chili heat, smooth and fabulous. Cheese, burgers, spring rolls and dumplings ALL love this jelly.

Ingredients: sugar, Red peppers, cider vinegar, white vinegar, fresh garlic, Chili flakes, pectin.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars.

Red Pepper Chipotle Jelly

Red pepper jelly with the flash of smoke and heat that makes us LOVE chipotle….. you’re welcome!!

Ingredients: sugar, Red peppers, cider vinegar, white vinegar, fresh garlic, Chipotle flakes, pectin.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars.

Tart Cherry Red Pepper Jelly

Bold and beautiful, this new jelly allows for a taste of fruit along side the lovely red pepper flavour. Totally amazing on chicken or pork or on cheese and crackers.

Ingredients: Red peppers and Tart cherries, sugar, cider vinegar, lemon juice, chili flakes, pectin.

Apple Rosemary Jelly

A beautiful pairing of the subtle sweet of apples and the savory tang of fresh Rosemary. A match made in cheese heaven!

Ingredients: sugar, pure Okanagan Apple juice, Cider vinegar, fresh Rosemary, pectin.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars.

Spiced Georgetown Brown Beer Jelly- special order

A delicious collaboration between Mable and Canmore Brewing Company’s Georgetown Brown Ale. Really, beer on toast, cheese or meat, a super fun taste bud experience. (Made by special order only in 2020.)

Ingredients: Canmore Brewing’s Georgetown Brown Ale, sugar, lemon zest and juice, orange zest and juice, pectin, whole spices.

Available in 55ml and 110ml jars.