THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS MADE 2021 SO AMAZING!! We are mostly sold out of product so please email inquiries if you are looking for something!! We will be back in the big kitchen in January to restock the shelves.
Mable and the Minions wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful 2022!!!

Due to Covid we continue to offer an online shopping option. However, we are limited to curbside pickup as shipping our product is not viable. Below is a list of all of the Jam and Jelly options currently available for the 2021 season.

Mable offers a number of Jams that are not part of the retail product line and therefore not on our other pages.

Ordering- please email us with your order at, messaging with Facebook or Instagram

Payment via etransfer to or cash at pick up

Pickup can be arranged via messaging through email, Face Book, Instagram or text 403-890-1569.


A variety pack of Mable’s Jellies could be JUST the gift you are looking for this year. There are 4 of our sample sized 55ml jars in a gold gift box- all ready for gifting. Hostess gifts, Secret Santa, Thinking of You gifts, Stocking Stuffers or just for yourself. A great gift for the Foodies in your life, perfect for your charcuterie and cheese boards this season. Boxes are sold out- samplers are in cellophane sleeves now.

There are also a limited number of Gourmet Seasoning Samplers available: Marvelous Rosemary Salt, Tuscan Rub, Mushroom Salt, 6 Pepper Blend. All 4 flavours in 55ml jars, wrapped up in a cellophane sleeve. SOLD OUT

$20.00 each (jelly sampler flavours vary depending on availability)



Jams are 190ml

Pricing $9.00ea or 3/$25

Strawberry Rhubarb & Irish Mist– an old fashioned favorite with a twist, amazing on literally everything!-SOLD OUT

Raspberry Apple with Peach Schnapps Jam- fabulously rich and wonderful.

Boozy Brown Sugar Apple Butter- a seasonal favorite that is made in a small run only. Sweet apples, brown sugar and Spiced Tea Liqueur come together to make an incredible lower sugar treat that pairs with pancakes, waffles, toast, yogurt, and as a layer cake filling. Get some before it’s sold out.-SOLD OUT

Strawberry Honeyberry Lavender– Small run for a brand new flavour and it’s a keeper! Rich, intense and all around fabulous.-SOLD OUT

Honeyberry Raspberry & Peach Raspberry Grand Marnier– this jam is a Titan, great flavors for your palate. We use this on cheese boards as well as all of the usual suspects: toast, scones, cake, icecreammmmmmm.

Blueberry Lime Cointreau– How is it not possible to fall in love with this beauty? Blueberries, fresh limes and a finish with intense orange.

Cherry Vanilla Bean & Kirsch– Cherries for days! Like cherry pie on a spoon, only better. Makes the best cheesecake topping around. Fantastic on goat cheese as well.SOLD OUT

Saskatoon Cointreau– Native berries elevated to incredible. Done and you are welcome.

Lemon Zucchini Curd– A seasonal flavour that we don’t get to make every year but we have it this year!! Intense lemon taste, made without eggs. Crazy good and always in demand!-SOLD OUT

Peach Melba- A riff on the old fashioned dessert of peaches and raspberries. Soooo yummy.-SOLD OUT

Raspberry Mango– Raspberries and mangoes marry in this naturally sweet jam creating a masterpiece!-SOLD OUT

Blackberry Apple Ginger and Lemongrass– This jam is a stand out with unique and tasty flavors. It makes a great after glaze for poached chicken breasts by the way….-SOLD OUT

Balsamic Strawberry Onion Jam– The queen of the table! This is a rich, deeply flavored onion jam that goes with big bold cheeses, pork, beef, charcuterie and makes incredible breakfast with bagels and cream cheese.

Jellies 110ml

Pricing $6.75 ea or 4/$25

Say HELLO to our 2 new flavors, made to celebrate our 5th Birthday!

Pineapple Habanero– for those who love to spicy things up! The sweet and hot pairing is tropical and crazy good.

Ginger, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime– Gentle, smooth, flavorful and amazing…..-SOLD OUT


Cranberry Rosemary Tangelo Jelly– A taste treat from the our kitchen. This you can use as a part of your cheese and charcuterie boards or put this with meats like turkey or pork. It will also dress up bagels and cream cheese….

Spring Onion & Thyme Jelly– Buttery in your mouth, a beautiful blend of onion and savory thyme. Amazing on your charcuterie and cheese.

Chive Blossom & Sage Jelly– Show stoppingly beautiful and unique in its flavor profile- a little bit of onion, a wee bit of garlic and a whole lot of incredible!-SOLD OUT

Herbed Garlic Jelly– Unabashedly garlic, big, bold, beautiful.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Thyme Jelly– A wine jelly that is elegant, with flavors that stand out from the crowd. Balanced and spectacular.-SOLD OUT

Pinot Grigio & Rosemary Jelly– This jelly’s bright acid note pulls out the creamy factor from soft cheeses like Bries and makes the experience in your mouth amazing.

Red Pepper Chipotle Jelly**- A flash of heat and smoke that doesn’t linger. A great partner for big bold Cheddars and Goudas.-medium size is sold out

Tart Cherry Red Pepper Jelly**- This dual personality jelly gives you all of the red pepper taste and cherry that you could wish for.

Habanero Apricot Jelly**- Hot and sweet with a depth of flavor that comes across your palate when you put this on top of soft cheeses and crackers.

Apple Rosemary Jelly– How can you go wrong with pure Okanagan apple juice and fresh rosemary? You can’t!

Spiced Beer Jelly– Great fun and flavors live here. Beer, citrus and warm spices come together to make some magic.-SOLD OUT

Red Pepper Chili Jelly**- The gateway pepper jelly with just a hint of heat. Pair with just about everything you can think of. This is a must on salmon burgers BTW!

Spiced Cranberry Port– Our seasonal favorite! Just incredible with cheeses, turkey or on cream puffs or cheesecake……

(**these are also available in 190ml sizes.)